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Clients' Testimonials

“When we were looking to move to Japan, we were referred to Bestford Capital Singapore. Our company was in its infancy approximately two years old. They worked with us in purchasing our first big machinery and since has worked with us on all the projects that we have done. 


This work has included major capital expenditures for processing equipment to land expansion and new buildings. MR. TAN BOY TEE has played a big part in our growth. It has been a pleasure to work with not only Mr. Tan but the entire staff at Bestford Capital Limited. With deep sincerity, we would like to thank you for your support.”

Pierre Dessert, Managing Director

Bellucci Machinery Group Limited, Italy.


"In less than two years, we have acquired four Standby Letter of Credit worth over $100M each, SBLC from procedure to closing takes place in less than a month as we were very ready to move but had hard times seeking genuine providers until introduced to Bestford Capital Limited by Viking Offshore & Marine. 

Keep the good work the Terry and Thomas team."

Hani Ballan, Vice Chairman,

QFA Investment Group, Qatar.

"Bestford was brilliant at handling the whole process of our funding. From the application to crediting our account, the process was quick and very easy. we were able to secure funds at an interest rate which has enabled our business to grow quickly.


"Now we understand the company name BESTford Capital Limited as they are truly the BEST."

Mrs Erin Yanna, Director,

Meing Bianco Holding "Malaysia" Sdn Bhd, Malaysia.

"We helped a client application to get an SBLC through Bestford Capital limited and at this stage, our client already received an  MT799 pre-advice even though we were a little reluctant and did not keep to scheduled dates on the procedure. We are hoping to receive the SBLC in few days and I'll be here again to commend Bestford Capital on a job well done especially at ease.

Recommending for other businesses, Bestford Capital Limited is unarguably the best SBLC provider We ever had to deal with."

Anderson Marta, CEO,

Anderson Marta Consultant, Switzerland.

"We are a family business that owns and operates Commercial, Multi-Family and Single Family real estate. We buy, broker and manage real estate for ourselves and selected clients. I met Bestford Capital Limited through my daughter-in-law Anna Oredo. Anna introduced us to Bestford Capital to help us refinance a shopping center that we own.


We had just been rejected for financing on this center through another very experienced broker. It was October 2015 and the economic downturn was all over the news, daily. Everyone was saying that there was no financing available at the time.

Bestford Capital promised to re finance us after their due diligence process and they did it, and they are now the first person we contact when we are considering a purchase. I cannot stress enough the contribution that Bestford Capital makes toward our process of buying and financing. Thank you, Bestford Capital Limited."

Marta Oredo, Estate consultant/Broker,

Speed Innovation and Development Co, Romania.

"As an international financial consultant, we have a lot of client requesting business/commercial finance but it was so difficult to get a reliable finance company to fund our clients.


Last four years, A business associate introduced us to a reliable finance company in Singapore (BESTFORD CAPITAL LIMITED), we contacted them for a client needing a commercial loan of 70 Million Dollars and after meeting their credit requirement the deal was successfully closed.


They are great to work with and deliver speedly. Recently they helped our foreign client in Thailand close a huge project deal in 3 weeks. No one else could get this deal done in that time frame. Watch-out for outfits that charge upfront fee, and can’t deliver."


Zara Jakhar, Head of Operations,

Ribbit Capital, Palo Alto, CA.

"After the mind boggling choice for business loans online and being rejected for a consolidation loan by my bank and mortgage provider, I stumbled across Bestford Capital Singapore via a Google search. I reluctantly contacted, expecting the worst and more rejection but I found the Bestford Capital adviser beyond professional.

At first, I was requested to meet a credit test with a fixed deposit which I did and was amazed how what I've been seeking for years got obtained in a month. 

I would like to personally thank Bestford for their first class service and much needed help and advice. I would recommend Bestford Capital to anyone, you won't be disappointed."


Sung Alex Tan, CEO,

Sungchoo Waterjet Equipment, Korea.


"We’ve had a great commercial lending relationship with Bestford Capital Limited company for over 5 years. Whenever we need to finance a project, we invest in Bestford Capital on fixed deposit and watch them trade professionally in PPP.


The outcome has never been short of what we expected. Kudos to Mr Kelvin and others, We are happy to be in business with you all."


Rio Gehlen, Project Manager

Siam Properties, Thailand.

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